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Kendra's Bachelorette party
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Kendra has the best friends, They were cool enough to send her off to the alter in style. Closing out her single days with the highest paid party I had ever received. These girls called me telling me they wanted a full service show. Not sure what they meant, I asked them to meet up to discuss what exactly they wanted and you wouldn't believe what kind of shit they expected to get out my guys. She told me Kendra and her friends tend to get a little wild when they party, claiming this is a huge contrast to there real lives as secretaries and uptight acting professionals. So I explained that all my guys are cool and are willing to have a good time. That being said, the day of the festivities arrived and we got to see these girls in action. 5 guys and 30 girls you couldn't leave that room with out at least a blow job and every one of my boys came threw, especially Sebastian who got to nail a hot blonde in the back. Captured all on my trusty new HD camera.
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